Merle B. Grindle Agency

The Merle B. Grindle Agency looks forward to assisting you with your insurance requirements; ranging from common to complex.  Our goal is to listen, analyze, and explain your options.  Based on your wishes we will recommend a program of coverage specifically designed to fit your budget and needs.  One of the benefits of being  an Independent Agent is the ability to place your coverage with a carrier who will best service your needs.   We represent  a range of Companies from Local/Regional Mutual Companies to Large National Capital Stock Companies and when more flexibility is required we can access the “Specialty Market” with our Surplus Lines License.  We are here to serve you…  to be part of your insurance solution.

Commercial Lines

Commercial Lines include a range from Hospitals, Professional Liability, Contractors, Small Businesses, Bonds, Condominiums, Trucking, Boat Yards, Seafood Business, Public & Private Schools, Automobile Dealers, Auto Repair shops, Umbrellas, Directors & Officers Liability, Museums, Librarys, Workers Compensation, International Entrepreneurs, to Entertainers. Marine Coverage to include: Hull and P&I, Fishboats, Workboats, Charter Boats, Boat Builders, Boat Haulers, Yacht Clubs, and Specialty Risks.

Personal Lines

Personal Lines to include: Automobile Homeowners, Umbrellas, Yachts, Motorcycles, Snowmobiles, Tenant Homeowner Policies, Scheduled Property, to Four Wheelers.